Grow Healthy and Organic Food with the Produce Pod™

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In this day and age of fast food, high food prices and food deserts it's no wonder we are seeing diseases on the rise. Good health starts with good nutrition free from GMO's, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Even "organic" labeled food isn't truly organic. The only way to truly know if your food is organic and nutritious is to grow your own.

Growing your own food can't get any easier than with the Produce Pod™.  Our unique watering system is like nothing on the market. The Produce Pod™ allows you to simply grow organic produce from seed to harvest using organically derived liquid nutrient. 




  • Large 4" NET pots to allow for growing multiple plant per receptacle.
  • Recycled 55 gallon food grade drum
  • 90° receptacle elbows allow for consistent plant hydration.
  • Proprietary watering system allows for consistent watering from seed to harvest.
  • Easy clean out valve
  • Water level indicator
  • Air exchange fan to circulate hot air out.
  • R1 insulation cover to keep roots cool in extreme temperatures.
  • Organic nutrient solution, not synthetic.



  • Year round food production regardless of climate
  • Portable
  • Fresh, nutrient rich, organic produce available at home
  • Affordable organic food year round. Just say "no" to overpriced grocery stores.
  • Teaches life sciences, nutrition and healthy eating to children
  • Connection to the natural world
  • No weeding or bending over to garden
  • Perfect for small spaces and balconies
  • Uses 90% less water than traditional growing