Our First Blog Post!

Though we haven't "officially" opened our store, I thought I'd get a head start with the blog. 

It's been one year since James and I had the idea to start up a store where we would could provide families and individuals products that would support food sovereignty. Why do such thing? Because we are passionate about self-sufficiency. It was also a year ago that I, Miranda, walked into a major natural food store in Scottsdale, AZ and walked right out again, angry, disappointed and frustrated that I couldn't afford to feed my 7 year old son healthy organic food. Enough was enough!  No single mother, parent or family should have to go through that. So I set forth on finding a solution for single parents and anyone for that matter to grow organic food easily.  I lived in an apartment with no community gardens nearby so I figured the best way to grow food would be hydroponically on my apartment balcony. From that point on there have been successes and failures, or as I like to call then "opportunities for growth". When I met James, he became inspired by my self made balcony unit and with his mechanical expertise, we have committed ourselves in assisting others to be free from the corporate food channels that bind us. It is our personal goal to see one million of our hydroponic units on apartment balconies where families have no access to gardens. Will you help us achieve our goal?